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Up close and personal: A day in the life of a Sage One employee

Following on from our interview earlier this year with head of Sage One, Steven Cohen, we’ve decided to get to know another one of the many faces behind the company’s success: introducing administrator extraordinaire and sales guru, Juan Stander.

We asked him a variety of questions to give you a better idea of what an ordinary work day looks like for someone at Sage One. Read on not only for a glimpse into the life of a Sage One employee, but also to learn more about what Sage One can offer small business owners as well as some valuable advice for those looking to go out on their own.


What is your role at Sage One?


JS: I am the Sage One sales administrator, responsible for all administration activities relating to the product.


Describe an average day at the office.


JS: I arrive at the office approximately 05:10am every morning. Once I’m at my desk, I start to peruse the emails forwarded to myself after hours. Once done, I attend to clients’ queries, also known as “incidents”, where I then capture the payments and email the clients their invoices. After all invoices are up to date, I ensure that all the previous day’s debit order requests have been attended to and that all the debit order application documents are received. Once all the above has been dealt with, I normally jog to the kitchen for another cup of coffee. By the time all sales consultants are at their respective desks by around 08:00am, all my work is usually up to date, ensuring that individual and precise attention can be directed towards any new queries received throughout the course of the day. My day then normally ends 16:45pm. 


Why do you enjoy what you do?


JS: Being top notch in my field is one of the many things I do best and pride myself on. Working with my target-driven team provides me with great pleasure, making a long and often exhausting day really worthwhile. Client satisfaction is the main reason I love what I do.


Why is Sage One a great company to work for?


JS: Everyone moves forward as one and not one person gets left behind or left in the dark. One worker’s success equals the whole team’s success. Sage One motivates all employees, including the managers. The whole team is dedicated to committing themselves to teamwork.


What is the thing you love most about your role?


JS: Working every day with different clients with different personalities, and ensuring that each of them gets both individual and full attention.


What made you get into this field?


JS: I saw a golden opportunity to work closer and more in depth with client queries. I saw Sage One as the perfect growing path in the company as online accounting is the future of accounting software. This made me realise that I needed a new challenge and therefore I chose the field I’m in now.


What do you think Sage One offers people that other similar companies can’t?


Sage One offers hand-in-hand client support which is sustainable and efficient. We walk side-by-side with our clients, putting ourselves in their shoes and always ensuring that all their needs are taken care of.


What advice for people wanting to start their own business?


When I think about this question, there is only one thing that comes to mind: I want to compare starting your own business to that project you did in primary school when you grew your own “bean stalk”. The reason being because of the mere fact that you need to take care of your business and in return, it will take care of you. My advice, therefore, is that you have a good business plan in place and that your goal is set and realistic right from the start. Always keep an emergency fund available should you hit that one “dip” (because the chances are that you will at one point or another). Lastly, make sure that your business is both profit and target-driven.


Thanks to Juan for taking the time to answer all of our questions.