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Frequently asked questions - Your Account & Your Businesses' Data

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Sage One Accounting

Your Account & Your Businesses' Data

Can I access my data even when the power is out?
What happens to my data when there is a power cut or there is load shedding?
Should I choose to use one of your desktop packages would I be able to convert the data and continue with processing?
How do I backup my data on Sage One?
How do I change my email address (Username) should I sign up with a new service provider?
Can I have my data returned to me should I choose to discontinue with Sage One?
How secure is my data when working in Sage One?
I have reset my Password and I am still waiting for confirmation from Sage One to acknowledge this, what do I do now?
Can I pay online should I want to purchase Sage One?