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Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Sage One Accounting


I’ve selected Manual VAT on the transaction line, but I don’t see the Exclusive Amount field.
How do I allocate a discount on a transaction line? There’s no longer a discount field.
I’m unable to run my VAT reports. What do I do?
How do I search for a transaction on the new banking screen?
I’m getting errors when importing my bank statement. Please assist.
I’ve imported my bank statements and it says ‘Duplicate Entry’. If I select it, it does not show me what the duplicate entry is?
There’s a ‘lock’ next to a transaction that I need to edit, what does this mean and why can I not edit the entry?
What’s the difference between Mark as Reviewed and Mark Selected as Reviewed?
How do I process the transactions I’ve allocated? I’ve selected Save, but they remain on the New Transactions tab.
How do I delete a split transaction on the new banking screen?