Sharing the love: Valuable advice shared by some of South Africa’s most successful business visionaries - Blog

Sharing the love: Valuable advice shared by some of South Africa’s most successful business visionaries

Sharing the love: Valuable advice shared by some of South Africa’s most successful business visionaries

There’s a definite sense of camaraderie amongst the entrepreneurs and business tycoons of South Africa. The sharing of knowledge and information is a common practice in many industries, with it being particularly valued in the world of start-ups.


When you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur, things can seem very overwhelming and there are bound to be moments of immense fear and disillusionment. That’s when turning to your fellow entrepreneurs for some much-needed inspiration and motivation can make all the difference, and give you the strength to soldier on. Here’s some valuable advice from a few of South Africa’s most impressive business people.


Sibongile Mphilo – Founder of Sibongile Security Services


From petrol attendant to owner of a multi-million rand security services company, Sibongile Mphilo is a shining example of tenacity and sheer determination.


Words of wisdom: “Don’t fear challenges - every challenge is a learning experience and is an achievement waiting to happen.”


Sibongile Mphilo


Vusi Thembekwayo – CEO of MOTIV8 Advisory & CEO of My Growth Fund


After having to sleep in his car to keep his business afloat, Vusi Thembekwayo went on not only to become a powerful businessman and co-founder of an entrepreneur community, but a prolific keynote speaker too. Known for being the force behind some of the most impressive business teams in the country, Thembekwayo is a constant source of inspiration and energy for entrepreneurs throughout the world.


Words of wisdom:You need courage and determination to pursue your dreams, otherwise your start-up won’t make it.” 


Vusi Thembekwayo


Albé Geldenhuys – Founder and CEO of USN (Ultimate Sports Nutrition)


Albé Geldenhuys started out as a salesman with limited knowledge in the area of health formulas who went on to create an internationally recognised brand worth billions. From humble beginnings in his Pretoria flat to changing the way people understood sports supplements, Geldenhuys and USN have become household names in places as far as Australia and the US.


Words of wisdom:Stick to your company’s vision and it will keep you focussed on what really matters.”


Albe Geldenhuys


Dawn Nathan-Jones – CEO/Director of Imperial Car Rental-Europcar


Since joining the founding members of the company at the tender age of 21, Dawn Nathan-Jones has worked her way up the corporate ladder, starting out as a salesperson and soon moving on to sales and marketing director, and now, CEO. Through hard work and buckets of passion, Nathan-Jones has proven that if you keep your eye on the prize, it is possible to achieve it - what’s important is for you to remain dedicated and focussed. She’s a true inspiration to entrepreneurs everywhere, especially aspiring female entrepreneurs.


Words of wisdom: “Gut feel and people can tell you much more about a business than graphs can.”


Dawn Nathan-Jones


South Africa boasts a multitude of successful entrepreneurs and business people, all living, breathing reminders that if you have a dream, you shouldn’t be afraid to follow it. With a positive attitude, a can-do approach and unwavering belief in yourself and your idea, the world really can be your oyster – just come back to these words of wisdom when you find yourself doubting that.


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