Seven ways the Cloud can help you transform the way you manage your clients’ finances - Blog

Seven ways the Cloud can help you transform the way you manage your clients’ finances

Seven ways the Cloud can help you transform the way you manage your clients’ finances

Cloud accounting is the newest feature in cloud storage. Everyone is familiar with storing music, images or documents to the cloud while accessing them via various digital devices. This has spilled over into the business sector and many businesses are reaping the benefits of cloud storage.


Cloud accounting is where you store all your necessary accounting information on a server that will still operate even if your hard drive or laptop crashes. Here are some of the ways cloud accounting is changing business.


Efficient processes


Working with cloud-based tools means you don’t need to wait for any information. Clients don’t need to wait to see you to see how their business accounts are doing. You can both review the accounts at any time and chat over the phone or via Skype.


Better data


Because the information is being fed into the cloud software often, you and the client know exactly how the accounts are doing at any time. You and your client will be working from the same set of books so all data will be in sync.


On-the-go accessibility


What makes cloud accounting so user-friendly is that you can access it from your mobile phone or tablet. That means you can send anything to your client while you’re away from the office or even when you’re in a meeting with them!


Saves you time and money


Time-saving is a huge positive of cloud-based accounting. Reports from accountants have proven that you can save up to 10 hours a month. That’s definitely something your clients will smile about.


Data Security


By using a cloud-based accounting solution, your clients have more than one copy of their important data. Their data is also accessible from anywhere and at any time.


Keeps things simple


Cloud accounting simplifies the daily running of your clients books, which allows them to focus on their business and you can do your job easily while keeping them updated all the time. Studies show that one in three businesses fail due to financial mismanagement, with one in eight failing because of inadequate or inaccurate records. With cloud accounting, these problems are solved.


Sage One gives you the luxury of moving your clients online to cloud-based accounting. A user-friendly and cost-effective package, which is perfect for small business. You and your clients will love logging on and seamlessly accessing the same accurate information.


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