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Five essential questions you need to ask during the interview process

Five essential questions you need to ask during the interview process

Hiring new employees is an important process that, as a manager, is a huge responsibility that you no doubt want to get right. We’ve compiled a list of questions to ask when interviewing a potential new hire that can help you get to know what kind of employee they would be and to allow them to express themselves constructively. These questions enable the interviewee to chat at length, providing you with a clear image of who they are and how they could possibly fit into the role and the work place.


What do you believe are your most positive attributes both personally and in the workplace?


Straight off the bat, it’s good to start the interview positively. By asking this question, the person can talk about themselves and, hopefully be honest in what they’re saying.


What are a few of your greatest achievements?


It’s good to know what qualifications or interesting achievements a person has, which adds to the image you have of them.


What are you ideally looking for in your next job?


This is very important, as you will be able to see if the role offered correlates with what the interviewee wants out of a job.


Can you please give me an example of a goal you set yourself and how you achieved it? 


This is a great question to gauge how driven a person is, how creative they are in problem-solving and what kind of critical thinking they have.


Please tell me about the last team project you were on and what role you played. What issues did you encounter and what was the end result?


Teamwork is part and parcel of working in an office. By letting your interviewee go through their last team experience, you can learn some integral facts. Are they a leader or a follower? What kind of approach do they take when dealing with different personalities? Do they let their emotion or their logic or both guide them?


Along with these questions, you should remember to ask the standards such as:


  • Would you be able to work overtime?
  • What type of pay are you expecting?
  • Do you have your own transport?
  • What kind of technology and programs are you familiar with?
  • What kind of benefits are you expecting?
  • Do you have any disabilities or dependents?


Whatever the outcome, it’s best to ask questions that allow for an interview that flows organically and is full of information about the potential new hire.


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