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Five steps towards becoming an expert in your industry

Five steps towards becoming an expert in your industry

Successfully establishing yourself as an expert in your industry can do wonders for your brand and business. You’ll be seen as an authority and as a result, you’ll be elevated automatically in the eyes of your audience. Once you’re regarded as an expert, you’re likely to attract more attention, with people seeking you out for your in-depth knowledge and insights.


This can of course yield repeat business as well as a stream of ongoing recommendations, both of which can help your business excel and grow. Whilst you won’t become an expert overnight, these five steps can definitely help get you closer to securing that much sought-after “expert” status.


Immerse yourself in your industry


The more involved you become in your industry, the more you’re likely to engage with other notable people within it. In this way, you’ll get the opportunity to learn from them and over time, hopefully build yourself up, ultimately establishing yourself in a leadership position. You can start by joining any associations or organsations related to your industry and glean as much information as possible when you attend events, conferences and talks. As you become more of a “regular”, people will begin to notice you and hopefully view you as a mover and shaker within the industry.


Get published


There are multiple news sites and various publications that are always looking for fresh, interesting and informative content, so you should take advantage of that in your quest to becoming an expert. If you’re able to offer your expertise or add to a topical discussion through an article, why not go for it? If you have an original idea you’d like to pitch, think which publication might be best and sell it to them. Always be sure that you’re published by a reputable source though – you’ll lose all credibility otherwise. The added bonus is that very often articles get published together with a short bio. This way, people will be able to learn more about you and your business, so it can be a great way to gain exposure.


Write a book


Becoming a published author of a book usually means instant expert status. It’s the easiest way to claim authority, but of course the writing process can be difficult and lengthy. When it comes to writing a book, think about what you think people want to know about and what helpful advice you can offer them. Some people even choose to take a collection of articles and blog posts they’ve written and rework them into a book. Becoming a published author won’t happen overnight, but with the right guidance from a publisher and determination to deliver your audience valuable information, it is possible.


Become a speaker


Engaging with your audience in person can be a great way to solidify your expert label. Sharing your knowledge with interested people in a live setting can really help you connect better with them and allow them to see for themselves who you really are. Live events can also give your target market the opportunity to ask you questions and experience your level of expertise first-hand. The best speakers are those that are charismatic, magnetic and high in energy, so be sure to prepare before each presentation. It can also be an excellent chance to read an excerpt from your book. The bottom line is that once you are considered to be a renowned public speaker, people are bound to take you more seriously, therefore making your expert status far more believable.


Create an online presence


We live in a digital age and social media is undoubtedly incredibly powerful (when used correctly). You can use social media platforms to build a following, promote yourself and of course, share your insights and expertise. It gives you the freedom to weigh in on debates, give your opinion and share your thoughts with your audience. Garnering an impressive online presence can help you establish yourself as a true authority in your industry, with people following you just to hear what you’ll say next. Always be mindful of what you say and how you say it though – unfortunately there’s always room for misinterpretation when it comes to the digital space.  


Everyone dreams of becoming an expert in their industry and if you go about in the right way, you may just be successful at achieving that status. Expert or not though, always remain humble and be open to sharing your knowledge with others – that always endears people to you. And when you’re trying to run a business and grow a brand, that can’t hurt.


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