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Four apps business leaders simply cannot live without

Four apps business leaders simply cannot live without

The rise of modern technology has meant that our lives have become more streamlined, efficient and exciting, in almost every way possible. We can access information like never before, book and change flights at any time, locate detailed maps of a place we have never been to and even hold meetings across continents.


Here are a few apps that are vital to every man and woman, no matter what business they’re in.




Perfect for those with an A-Type personality who want to keep their lives organised on-the-go and ideal for those who are in desperate need of order, SuperNote is a productivity app with colour-coded categories for recordings, notes and reminders. This is a great app if you travel a lot as you can use it when you have moments of discovery and inspiration, no matter where you are.


Video Download Helper


Technically not an app, this Firefox plug-in lets you download a video from any website; allowing you to watch whatever you want, whenever you want. A life-saving app, it appears as a button on your Chrome browser and makes it easy to download the video and convert it to whatever format you need.




One of the best things about smart technology and apps is that they’ve ironed out the kinks when it comes to travelling admin. Integrating FlightTrack with your itinerary app, TripIt, you can always be aware of any changes to your flight including delays and gate changes well in advance.


Check The Weather


Seriously, what did we do without weather apps? Travelling for business or even when planning business events, the weather can often be against you. Stay prepared come rain or shine with the Check The Weather app, which gives you a 10 day forecast.


Note: only available on iPhone


Apps are wonderful tools for helping to grow your business, expand your creativity and organise your life, just remember to switch off once in a while!


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