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Four leadership books you should dive into this holiday

Four leadership books you should dive into this holiday

True leaders are always looking to expand their knowledge, grow and improve themselves, and one of the best ways of achieving this is through reading. With so many amazing leadership books filling the shelves of book shops, it can be rather overwhelming when it comes to choosing the right ones for you – and that’s why we’ve compiled a list of our top picks for 2016.


So if you’re looking to transform yourself as a leader, brush up on your skills and add to your knowledge bank, then best you get reading.


Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance – Angela Duckworth


This groundbreaking psychologist is well known for her impressive research on the concept of “grit”, and in this book, she presents her thinking. According to Duckworth, when it comes to achieving greatness, it’s more about possessing focussed persistence and unyielding passion, than talent and genius alone. Sure, those play a part, but it’s that drive and perseverance that are the main catalysts behind success. Duckworth uses her own story as well as numerous interviews with successful people to demonstrate her ideas, and at the same time dispenses actionable advice worth noting.



Superbosses: How Exceptional Leaders Master the Flow of Talent – Sydney Finkelstein


A group pf university professors share their findings (after conducting over 200 interviews) on what it actually means to be a great boss. Finkelstein believes that there is a specific group of leaders known as “Superbosses” and the thing that sets them apart from the rest, is the fact that they seem to give birth to another group of people who go on to achieve great things. They are what he terms “talent spawners”. He takes an in depth look into what these super leaders have in common, while simultaneously describing how to mimic that same behavior and kick one’s own leadership style into over-drive.




Bridging the Soft Skills Gap: How to Teach the Missing Basics to Today’s Young Talent – Bruce Tulgan


We currently live in a world in which millennials now dominate the workspace. This has, and continues to be, a challenge, simply because millennials seem to be a different kind of breed. Whilst they are super talented, they do have a different outlook and approach to things, compared to their Generation X counterparts. This natural gap can often be the cause of much friction, and Tulgan attempts to offer the skills you as a leader need to deal effectively with this millennial workforce. According to him, people are getting hired more for their hard skills, yet are losing their jobs based on their soft skills, and he aims to help leaders to bridge this gap. Having written over 20 books rooted in management training and generational diversity in the working world, if there’s one person you should listen to, it’s Bruce Tulgan.


Bridging the soft skills gap


Stronger: Develop the Resilience You Need to Succeed – George S. Everly Jr and Douglas A Strouse


What it is that makes some people better at rising above pressurising situations and excelling, whilst others crumble and cower in the corner? In Stronger: Develop the Resilience You Need to Succeed, Everly and Strouse take a closer look at the specific traits that some people possess that allow them to thrive despite intensely stressful situations and trying circumstances. There is a certain leadership dynamic present that dictates who kicks pressure in the butt and who runs screaming for the hills. Everly and Strouse believe that the specific traits can in fact be developed and in their book they aim to show leaders exactly how to do that.




This year, why not make time to read more and expand those horizons – you just never know when the next life and career-changing book my land in your lap.


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