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Four ways to streamline your small business

Four ways to streamline your small business

There are many things that go into ensuring that a business runs smoothly, but nothing has more of an impact than streamlining. Having streamlined processes almost always equals a high level of productivity, and this is undoubtedly key if a business is to operate at its best on all fronts. 

Creating efficiency at every point within the supply chain can lead to huge advantages, namely lower costs, resources that are used to their maximum, and of course, happier customers. Because managing a small business is complex, you may not know where to start when it comes to attempting to streamline aspects of it – never fear, we’ve got the answers right here.


Graduate from a to-do list, to a priority list


Whenever order is required, a thorough to-do list is an excellent place to start. Whilst you may now know exactly what needs to be done once you’ve created the list, the problem is that everything on it tends to have the same value. So even though you’ll be more organised, you may not be getting to the most urgent things first - this is when a priority to-do list is the answer. Our suggestion is that you make the same to-do list as normal, yet you use different symbols next to each item that will help you distinguish the more pressing tasks from those that can wait. For example: you can put an * next to urgent things (usually those things that generate revenue or please clients) that need to be dealt with immediately, and then perhaps a # next to those tasks that you’ll want to tackle next. You can then get to everything else once all the important things are taken care of – it’s all about prioritising at the end of the day.


Don’t be afraid to outsource


A large part of effective streamlining is about making smart logistical decisions, and one of those is knowing when to bring in outside experts. Besides the fact that you can’t do it all, getting in outside help from the right people can really help your small business grow and generate income – and possibly at a lower cost. Full-time employees can often be more of an expense that outside professionals, so in some cases it’s best to delegate certain tasks to the latter. They can come with specialised knowledge on certain matters which will mean that they get the best job done not only better, but also faster. Not only is there is a very good chance that you’ll save money, but you’ll also save time as all too often small business owners end up doing tasks for which they have the right skillset, yet it isn’t the best use of their time. Outsourcing work will allow you to cut costs and ultimately spend more time on those things that require more of your attention.


Productive meetings or no meetings


Meetings are a necessary evil within a business environment, yet the reality is that they can also be disruptive and in a lot of cases, not accomplish anything in the end. To ensure that daily activities are more streamlined and that everyone’s time is maximised, any meetings that take place need to be as productive as possible. Having a meeting agenda as well as a time-keeper can both help with this, not to mention someone to chair the meeting and keep things on track. You’d be surprised at how much time can be saved and how much better people become at getting to the crux of the matter faster once there’s a “zero tolerance” policy in place for unproductive meetings. Essentially, meetings need to accomplish things or simply not happen at all.


Use technology to help you balance the books


Technology is powerful and you’d be remiss not to use it in your quest to get your business more streamlined. There is incredibly effective software available to help you get on top of your business’s finances and balance those books. Managing money correctly is a vital part of any business’s success, because if that’s not under control, then things can quickly go awry. This can lead to a multitude of problems, and in very severe cases, the closure of a business. Find reliable accounting software that works for you and your business, and secure the lifeblood of your business once and for all. Having the finances under control can help you feel more organised and relaxed, freeing up time that can better be spent on other aspects of the business. The cherry on top will be that when it comes to things such as payroll and tax returns, you’ll have all the necessary information at your fingertips, allowing you to tackle them more efficiently.



Streamlining takes time and effort, but once your business’s processes and systems are streamlined, the resultant increased levels of productivity as well the smooth running of daily events will make it all worth it. So take the time to spot the areas of your business that require streamlining and make it happen – you won’t regret it and your employees with thank you for it.



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