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Four ways you can upskill yourself and become a better accountant

Four ways you can upskill yourself and become a better accountant

As a freelance accountant, it’s important that you are always searching for new ways to upskill yourself. By educating yourself constantly, you improve your business and the business of your clients. Here are four easy methods to improve your skills and become the super accountant you have always dreamed of being.


Stay ahead of the game


Complacency is the enemy when it comes to improving your skills. Start by brushing up on your country’s accounting laws and try to become proficient in at least one accounting field. In the meantime, follow accounting blogs for all the latest news and trends.


Join a community


All you need to do is to chat with other accountants online or in real life to form your own skilled group. Chat with other accountants both locally and abroad to see what advice or tips they have or what you could help them with. Talk to leaders in your industry by going for lunch or attending seminars where you can benefit from their expertise.


SAGE ONE webinars


Webinars are the modern equivalent of lectures and tutorials, except that they can be done at your leisure and in the comfort of your own home. SAGE ONE offers plenty of informative webinars to help you with becoming a master accountant as well as how-tos and tips on how to better manage your accounting business and clients. Sage also offers the chance to become a Sage Advisor. By becoming qualified through Sage, you will have free access to the Sage One Accountants Edition, get a free listing on our Find an Advisor directory page and will you be able to earn rebates on sales revenue from your linked clients.


Create an annual plan


Track your path to success by compiling a month-by-month schedule where you slot in weekly or daily goals. Write down your annual goals and thereafter, you can draw up a plan of action of how to achieve it. For example, you could ensure you have lunch with an industry head once a week, watch two webinars per week and read three accounting articles a day.


Now that you’ve got your game plan, don’t forget to balance work and life. While it’s important to become a better accountant, ensure you set aside time for exercise, hobbies and fun.


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