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Growing your client list like a pro

Growing your client list like a pro

Growing your client-base is an integral part of life as a freelance accountant. The process can be frustrating, with many promising leads resulting in dead-ends. But expanding your client list need not be a negative experience – follow these tips and make expanding your business a less strenuous process.


Establish an online presence


A digital presence is essential for any business in this day-and-age. A simple website is a great means by which potential client can get hold of you, and can be built relatively simply by using free or paid website development services. Ensure that people can contact you directly through your sites, and use social media to reach out to possible new clients. If you can, look to writing blog posts; this will not only show off your expertise in your field, but will also make your website more likely to rank on organic searches.


Provide dedicated client service


One of the most powerful ways to stand out from the crowd is to integrate great service into your operations. Making each client feel as if they are important fosters goodwill towards your business, and will make it more likely that you will be recommended to others by your current clients. Take time to know your prospective clients, and craft custom solutions to their needs. Good word-of-mouth is key to growing your business, and this begins with providing a great experience of your services. Consider offering discounts on your services in exchange for referrals from existing clients, but make sure that you are confident that you’ve provided the best service to enhance their recommendation.


Focus your services


Attracting the best kind of client requires experience, and proof that you can offer them exactly what they require. Consider specialising in a particular field or industry. A narrowed focus can lead to great results; if you can be confident that you can provide exactly what a prospective client needs, it makes it all the more likely that you will secure their business. When choosing a specialisation, look at industries that you feel particularly knowledgeable and passionate about, and develop your skills accordingly.


Target desired clients


Create a client wishlist spreadsheet with a list of 20 companies that you’d love to have as a client. Focus on local clients initially – you’ll want to be able to meet the decision-makers in these organisations face-to-face. Do research on the companies on your list – how big are they, what are their verticals, what issues might they face. Once you feel like you have a grasp of the facts, engage with your targets. Call them up, email them, and get them to sit down with you for a coffee. Be engaging, concise, and honest about what you can offer them. Aim to organise at least one potential client meeting per week – and when you’ve gone through your original list of targets, repeat the process. Before long, you’ll have a thriving client list.