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Examples of how social media can bolster your brand

Examples of how social media can bolster your brand

It doesn’t matter whether your business is selling electronics, providing accounting services or baking cookies and cakes for those with a sweet tooth. If your business doesn’t have a social media presence, you’re already losing out on potential customers.


Not only that, but by harnessing your social media presence, you can create a concrete brand identity that legitimatises your business. Here are four examples of how social media can bolster brand power


It introduces your business to the world


We recommend choosing one or more social media channels that suit your particular business. For example, VANS, the international shoe manufacturing company, knew that by using a YouTube video, they could successfully market their new House of VANS store in London. The video is less than a minute, but plays to their target market’s interests in urban culture, street art and multimedia. Thus, the video would be sharable to consumers as well as VANS posting it on their Facebook and Twitter channels. Social media engagement drives word of mouth – which is now an effective form of marketing businesses.


It creates value to your community


A brand is often looked at on social media and judged on whether they are relevant or engaging. This is why utilising your social media channels to connect with like-minded people and to seek out new customers is very important. However, your business cannot be seen to be intrusive or inappropriate, so the marketing strategy has to be well thought out. For example, Steri Stumpie often use Twitter to pose questions to their fans and then do a “Steri Drop” whereby they send a package of Steri Stumpies to the winner. This way, they have garnered fans who now actively seek out the brand and try to get the Steri Stumpie hamper. You can create value by offering advice, expert tips, creating cool videos or even posting relevant information about your product.


Improves your customer service


Using social media, as a business you appear much more approachable. Not only that but hiring a community manager to oversee your social media accounts allows clients to receive personal help and your business gains a reputation for being customer service-oriented – a big win for brands online.


It improves your reach of relevant customers


Your social media posts can be supported with paid media specially tailored to reach people seeking your business. For example, Facebook offers the option of boosting posts on your business page. You decide the budget, who the target market is and how long the campaign should run for. You can monitor the progress and stop or extend it. It’s an easy and affordable way to drive traffic to a site, get page likes or simply get your brand out in to the public domain.


Now that you’ve been introduced to the wonderful world of social media marketing, you can set up your own digital marketing strategy.



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