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Innovation is the name of the game: Here’s how to inspire it among your employees

Innovation is the name of the game: Here’s how to inspire it among your employees

In the competitive world of business, people are always looking for ways to differentiate themselves from others in an attempt to come out ahead of the rest. Whilst this proves effective, another way of keeping up with the competition is to ensure that innovation plays a prominent role in everyday life.


Your employees are likely to be working hard on a daily basis with their current work demands, so the trick is to find a way to inspire creativity without detracting from the usual flow of business. Discover here how you can inspire innovation among your employees and turn your business into a high energy, creative hub.



Pencil it in


Making time for the important things is key in today’s busy times – if you want to do something, you have to find the time in which to do it. The same is definitely true for innovation in business. In order to foster creativity and create an environment in which better solutions can be found, time needs to be set aside to do this. The best way to do this is to schedule weekly or monthly brainstorming sessions for employees to attend and throw some ideas around. The face-to-face sessions are sure to be memorable and after some time, people are sure to look forward to engaging in such a creative space.  


Empower employees through the gift of listening


Taking the time to really listen to your employees’ ideas and suggestions is vital if you plan on properly inspiring innovation. If people feel like they are being heard they are more likely to share their thoughts and you never know, someone may have a few really amazing ideas that would be beneficial to the business. Employees want to feel as if they’re in a safe and encouraging space in which they can freely offer their opinions and by listening, you automatically create that. A culture of acceptance makes it easier for employees to share, get involved and speak their minds – something that inevitably helps to breed innovation.



Establish mentorship programmes


The power of mentorship programmes should never be underestimated. They allow employees to form valuable connections with their fellow colleagues, think outside of their expertise and grow in unexpected ways. Having a mentor often means being challenged in new ways and possibly even developing an entirely new set of skills that otherwise, you would not have had the opportunity to acquire – all because you’ve been positively influenced by another person in your work environment. A mentor can also provide the support employees need to excel and feel confident. All of the benefits that accompany a mentorship programme can, at the end of the day, motivate people to be as inventive as possible.



Inject some fun into the space


It’s no secret that creativity is far more likely to flourish in a fun environment than in one that is dull and boring. Whilst it’s important to get work done and maintain a certain level of business professionalism at all times, it’s equally as important to balance that out with a dash of good, old-fashioned fun and games. Try introducing things such as themed dress-up days every so often, and even a round or two of Office Olympics. Creating the right kind of office culture and incorporating some fun into the average work day can end up being the difference between being able to boast high levels of innovation, and not.



Create an environment of collaboration


The best ideas are those that are shared within an environment that promotes collaboration and communication. As a business leader, fostering this kind of space should be one of your top priorities because without it, creativity is bound to be limited and in some cases, even stifled all together. Employees often want to feel part of a business that encourages sharing, partnership and out-of-the-box thinking because it’s then that they’ll feel they have the freedom to experiment, challenge and come up with those amazing ideas.   


At the end of the day, it’s the businesses that are the most creative that are the ones thriving the most, so it has to be said that it shouldn’t be about you considering inspiring innovation, but rather actually doing it. Here’s to endless creativity, the pushing of boundaries and to the birth of many groundbreaking ideas.



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