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How you can use content marketing to boost your conversions

How you can use content marketing to boost your conversions

It’s not easy being a freelance accountant, especially when you’re starting out and trying to build your client base. While many people see accountants as purely “numbers” people, you can change that perception by becoming a leader in your industry and standing out to your clients – which can be achieved through content marketing.


Use concise copy for your homepage or ads


Sales copy is important for a number of reasons:


  • It lists your services
  • It communicates to the customer what they’re getting
  • It lets the customer know they’ve come to the right or wrong place
  • They can find out where and how to contact you.


To make your sales copy stand out from the rest is easy. In your own voice, let the customer know what benefits they will be receiving if they work with you.


Use newsletters/mailers


These may seem outdated, but it’s vital to stay in contact with clients and subscribers. A mailer can be sent once every two weeks to keep your audience’s attention. What should be in your newsletter is completely up to you, but here are some suggestions:


  • Interesting business trends
  • Accounting tips
  • Any new products and services you offer.


Write your own content


Content, as opposed to copy, is used to tell a story. Businesses who use blogs or write articles are often much more successful. Not only are they expanding their own knowledge and expertise, they are reaching potential new customers with every new click or share. As an accountant, you have knowledge of a field many don’t know about, or know how to go about finding new information. You can become a bridge for your clients that links them to understanding accounting better. Write think pieces, how-tos or articles based around common questions about accounting to start with.


Optimise your content


To get your content seen is another factor you need to take into account. Read up on SEO and make sure the content you’re creating has the right keywords and format to get it read by the relevant people.


With content, there are so many ways to experiment and reach your audience. Remember to stay authentic and once you’ve won a new client, focus on delivering great service and using the right software.



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