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Keep it simple: The subtle art of selling smarter, not harder

Keep it simple: The subtle art of selling smarter, not harder

There’s a sales element to any business simply because every business is either selling a service or a product. In actual fact, being able to sell successfully to consumers plays a huge role in the longevity of your small business. This is a subtle art and one that needs to be perfected in order to win over the toughest critics in the business – your customers.


The key is to “court” potential customers who are likely to be wary or skeptical of your offering, something which can result in them putting their guard up. An effective sales person will build a rapport with each customer, putting their minds at ease and carefully taking them to the point where the customer realises that he simply must have a certain product or service – all without the process being overly obvious. This is the subtle art of selling smart and here’s how you can do that instead of focussing on selling hard.


Tap into customers’ needs and wants


Very often customers are not able to articulate their needs adequately, but this is where smart sellers come in. By gaining a deeper understanding of what consumers truly value, want and need, businesses are able to fulfil those wants and meet those needs. In taking the time to get to know customers, what makes them tick and what they respond to, brands are bound to increase their chances of connecting with their audience and ultimately delivering to them what they really want, even if they’re not sure what that is. At the end of the day, it’s the job of the business to work that out.


Win people over with case studies


Some people find it difficult to envision how a certain product, service or new technology can actually help them and their business, so as a smart seller, it’s up to you to make the value clear to them. Sharing stories and offering testimonials or case studies can very often be the best way to get customers to put their skepticism aside and take a chance. Once they hear and see that a certain product or service has benefitted others, they’ll likely feel more confident about trying it out for themselves. Sometimes consumers need a little affirmation before they’re ready to take the plunge and case studies and testimonials can often help give them that.


Offer risk-free trials


In some cases, potential customers may not be satisfied with previous success stories – they may want to try the product out for themselves. This is when having the option of a risk-free trial can be the difference between making a sale or not. As a business you can offer something like a time-sensitive offer, whereby people can play around with your product and get a feel for it before making a final decision. This will also show potential customers that you’re willing to go the extra mile by giving them a taste of what your service or product can offer them free of charge, and this is something that can aid brand loyalty in the long run.


Start small


Many customers may be hesitant to purchase due to budget constraints. You can help by offering to start small with a lower quantity, something that is bound to be better for their budget. In this way, the pressure is less and more importantly, it opens the door to possible expansion down the line. By making the consumer feel comfortable, you foster a relationship built on trust and care – something they are likely to appreciate.


Sales is a hard game to play but the key is to play smart rather than hard – after all, consumers don’t usually respond to aggressive sales tactics. It’s best to focus on delivering satisfaction and value to potential customers, but to do it subtly. Happy and fulfilled customers are likely to convert into long-term, loyal, paying customers, so be smart when you think about your approach to selling and chances are you’ll reap the rewards.


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