Lessons you can learn about improving company morale from big businesses - Blog

Lessons you can learn about improving company morale from big businesses

Lessons you can learn about improving company morale from big businesses

Your company may have the most innovative technology or the best system processes but if your office morale is low, none of it matters. Once office morale is low, it’s imperative to solve it straight away as it spreads fast, like germs in flu season. Here are a few easy yet lasting ways to boost company morale and keep your employees content.


Ask for opinions


One of the biggest issues as an employee is feeling unheard. Things like company outings or events are ideal for getting employees involved by taking their ideas and opinions into account. Next time you plan a team-building exercise or culture-building day, ask that your employees fill in a survey or email you fun ideas, then allow them to be involved in the planning stage. This takes the pressure off management and HR and allows the company staff to decide what best suits them.


Accept feedback


Tying into the first point, it’s vital that as a mid-level manager, you learn to accept feedback from employees. An approachable manager is definitely helpful in keeping employees happy as they know that you’re there to listen to them. Adopt an “open door policy” where employees can come to you for advice or to express opinions. Alternatively, you can use Survey Monkey to gauge issues and feedback. It’s also important that you deal with issues quickly by presenting them to upper management and brainstorming ways to solve them.


Say thank you


No one is ever left feeling unappreciated after they’ve been thanked. It’s the simplest form of letting a person know that their work is noticed and valued. Apart from setting aside time to thank hardworking employees; for big projects or during hectic periods, it’s advisable to set up incentives. Once the hard period is over, particular employees could be awarded with a voucher of gift card to show thanks. This also sets up ways of getting employees to show their worth and to harness a productive work space.


Promote within


Constantly hiring people from outside your company can cause the office to become disgruntled. Hiring outside people and ignoring your own doesn’t inspire loyalty or contribute to a happy work space. Unless you have to, it’s imperative that your own employees are given first preference for positions and promotions. As a manager, you should encourage them to apply or offer extra training. This communicates to the office that the company rewards initiative and values its employees.


It’s no easy task keeping an office, big or small, happy and working well. With these tips in mind and by ensuring you keep checking in on how morale the office is, you should be able to pull it off.


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