Sage One Accountants Edition

Sage One Accountants Edition

Work online with your clients and access their data remotely and securely,
in real-time.

The Sage One Accountants Edition allows you to view all your Sage One clients in one place, making it easy to manage and access. You’ll get access to the same Sage One Functionality as your clients, plus added features to help you manage your clients and tasks.

The Accountants Edition is available to Sage One Advisers only. We have two Adviser Programs available- Sage One Accounting and Sage One Payroll. Why not sign up for both!


Features of the Accountants Edition

My Clients

From your My Clients list, you can access your client's data in a matter of seconds. Your client list will also allow searching on company names, contact information for each company as well as display pertinent information such as the financial year end date and next tax submission date. Also included on your client list is a reminder of any new notes or tasks, whether they are due or overdue.

My Tasks

My Tasks is designed to help you keep track of the various accounting or bookkeeping tasks that you do for each of your clients on Sage One. You can create a single task or one that repeats on a regular schedule, in other words, a recurring task. My Calendar is a useful tool to get an overview of the tasks and notes you need to work on each day. The Monthly and Daily views will display all tasks and notes that are overdue, due today as well as those tasks that are scheduled to start.

Accountants Dashboard

An Accountant Dashboard is also available from the Home menu, displaying your client's company information, notes that you need to action, a Profit and Loss widget as well as a widget with banking information. The Tasks widget will display all tasks for your client's company with the status of the task, the due date and how many days are remaining until the task is due.



What our customers are saying

  • "As an accountant, the fact that I can log into the same live system on which my clients work, saves me a huge amount of time. My clients can capture transactions and I can just log in to do checks and adjustments. It reduces traveling to and from my clients. I think it is an awesome product. Well done! "

    - Pierre Gouws CA(SA)
    Cencea Incorporated Chartered Accountants

  • "Sage One is the most user friendly, cost effective and comprehensive online package for small businesses. I have moved many of my clients from conventional packages to this online version with maximum satisfaction and cost saving, and with hassle free IT - I simply log on to the internet! "

    - Vince York
    York Accounting Services

  • "Sage One is the best online accounting system in the South African market. Sage One allows me the convenience of keeping track of and collaborating with my clients. If you are a bookkeeper not using Sage One, consider yourself irrelevant in the current market!"

    - Michelle