Sage One Adviser Program

Become a Sage One Adviser

As a Sage One Qualified Accountant, Bookkeeper or Reseller, you will get all the software, support and tools you need to win new clients, work with them in real-time and become their most trusted partner. Register for your free trial account on the right and one of our consultants will be in contact with you.

Become a member of the Sage One Qualified Adviser Program and reap the benefits:

Base Subscription

You will be eligible for a free Sage One base subscription.

Accountants Edition

If you are a Sage One Qualified Accountant or Bookkeeper, you get free access to the Sage One Accountants Edition.

Free Listing

You get a free listing on our Find an Adviser page on the Sage One website.


You will earn rebates on sales revenue from your linked clients where applicable.


Remaining qualified for the Adviser Program:

In order to remain qualified for the Sage One Adviser Program from year 1 onwards, you will need to ensure that you:

Active Account

Maintain an active Sage One account.

Certified Staff Member

Have at least one Sage One certified staff member employed.

Actively Promote

Actively promote Sage One and any other Sage products.

Active Registration

Maintain an active registration with an approved accountants or bookkeepers body if you are a Sage One Qualified Accountant or Bookkeeper.

Bronze Status

Achieve a minimum Adviser Program status of Bronze from year 2 onwards if you are not an active Sage Forum member or Channel/Business Partner.


Please enter your details to the right to sign up. One of our consultants will be in touch with you.

Sage One Adviser Program