Why Accountants Love Sage One Accountants Edition


What’s more, Sage One is not only committed to helping aspiring entrepreneurs, but also those in the business of numbers: yes, that’s you, accountants and bookkeepers! The Sage One Accountants Edition is bound to change the way accountants and bookkeepers operate, and for the better – here’s how.

It’s convenient

As with all of Sage One’s products, as long as you have an internet connection, you’ll be able to access your data quickly and easily. This affords you the ability to work on-the-go, which means you’re able to keep your finger on your client’s pulse from wherever you are.


It’s user-friendly and super easy to navigate

The Sage One Accountants Edition is all about making your life as an accountant or bookkeeper that much easier. The Accountant’s Dashboard (available from the Home menu) displays the following:


  • Your client’s company information
  • A Profit and Loss widget
  • Banking information widget
  • Notes that require action


There is also a Task widget that displays all the tasks associated with your client together with their individual statuses, due dates and how many days remain before each task needs to be completed.

My Client list makes it quick and simple to find the client you’re looking for with the use of a search function. In minutes you’ll be able to access the contact information and other important data relating to a certain client. My Tasks and My Calendar work hand-in-hand so that you can keep track of the various tasks you do for your different clients, create new ones (either single or recurring ones) and have a constant, up-to-date overview of what needs to be completed when.


It’s safe and secure

Because we recognise the need for keeping sensitive and important data protected, various security measures have been put in place to ensure that your client’s information remains safe and secure, 24/7. This gives you the freedom to manage your tasks and deal with confidential data without having to worry about it being accessed by unauthorised people.


It saves time and lowers costs

Because you’re able to access your client’s data remotely, securely and in real-time, you’re not only able to stay on top of their money matters, but you’re able to save a huge amount of time. There’s no longer a need for you to travel back and forth between clients – all you have to do is log in, check the information that’s been inputted and make any necessary adjustments. As an accountant, you will have access to the same functionality as your client, but with added features that will help you manage things efficiently. And with everything you need in one place, nothing could be easier.

On top of this, with more time being freed up with Sage One, you’ll have more time to spend on providing your clients with valuable advice and insights when it comes to other financial areas such as reporting, for example. This will only add value to your customers’ businesses, helping them to further their development and get closer to becoming more successful over time.

Added bonus: Because you have real-time access, you’re able to collaborate with your clients more than ever before, something that will help you to strengthen your relationship with them and hopefully cement a long-lasting one.


And when time is money…

With the Time Tracking feature, you’re able to track the time spent within your practice and bill for it accordingly. This will allow you to stay on top of your overall time usage and subsequently, what it’s actually costing you at the end of the day. A built-in timer tracks every second you spend on a task, while you work, so that you’re able to account for every minute. Find out more about Time Tracking with Sage One here.

If you weren’t convinced before, you’re bound to be now. Contact Sage One to find out more about this and other products.

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