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Six not-so-unusual things entrepreneurs get up to during lunch

Six not-so-unusual things entrepreneurs get up to during lunch

Contrary to what people may think, entrepreneurs and small business owners are not superheroes – they are human, just like the rest of us. That means that even though they appear to be going full steam ahead 24/7, they also need to take a break every once in a while, and in many cases, lunchtime is the perfect time of the day to do just that.

Read on and see exactly what many successful entrepreneurs tend to get up to during that precious hour every day (most of which won’t actually be that surprising).


They get the heart rate up


As with many people, lunchtime is used for hitting the gym and getting that blood pumping. Exercise is a very effective way of maintaining health and mental focus, and has also proven to be an excellent stress reliever. Getting out of the office and blowing off some steam is sometimes exactly what the mind and body needs – the endorphins that get released will leave the person feeling energised and ready to tackle the rest of the day.


They forge relationships


It’s one thing to meet potential business partners and clients during networking events, but it’s another to build lasting relationships with them. Many entrepreneurs use lunch meetings as a way to do just that: develop relationships. Breaking bread with someone can be a very effective ice-breaker and an “informal” way to talk both business and personal. Sharing a meal with a potential client or partner can very often get the ball rolling in creating lasting relationships that can benefit both sides.  


They take a power nap


We’re not joking here. Many super successful people (such as Arianna Huffington) swear by the positive effects of a daily power nap. In order to perform at their best, make critical decisions and maintain focus, most people need to be well rested. Taking a 20-30 minute nap every day can do wonders for the body, improving mental clarity, increasing productivity levels and bettering one’s overall health. Not so much in South Africa, but in other places in the world such as in the US, some large corporates even offer “nap pods” or “sleep rooms” - this clearly illustrates the fact that they value the benefits of sleep and even encourage their employees to get some shut eye at some point during the work day.


They run personal errands


There’s a time for work and a time to get personal things done. Many business people use their lunch break as a time to get out of the office and get some of that personal admin done. Life can be hectic so there are bound to be times when personal tasks need to get done during work hours, but most of the time, that’s not ideal. That’s why wherever possible, meetings and appointments should be scheduled for lunch hours. Some people even choose particular days of the week which they dedicate to doing their personal errands.


They do something completely unrelated to work


Sometimes you really just need to spend some time doing something that doesn’t require much thought, especially during particularly stressful periods at work. It can actually do you a lot of good to give in to some kind of a distraction, be it playing a game of cards, reading a magazine or playing a game of table tennis. The brain is constantly ticking, so sometimes it can really help to step away from a problem you’ve been pondering for a while and immerse yourself in something fun and completely unpressurised – you may just emerge with renewed clarity and all the right answers.


They use the time to review and plan


Lunchtime can be an excellent time to take a closer look at current projects and goings-on within a business. Many business leaders use their lunch hour to get up to speed as well as to plan ahead. It’s a designated time out of a busy day when they can focus on preparing feedback, respond to certain emails and think about the future of the business. It’s a great idea to have a set time that is dedicated to this, as it provides some structure and an opportunity to plan ahead.


Lunch breaks can in fact be super productive times of the day, both relating to work and personal development. Too many people undervalue this part of the day, when in fact it can very often be the key to increased productivity, feeling re-energised and finding that much-needed balance in life. We’d like to end off with this bit of advice: remember that no matter what you get up to during your lunch break, if there’s one thing you should definitely do, it’s make sure that you eat something.


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