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Helpful tips for how to be a killer small business bookkeeper

Helpful tips for how to be a killer small business bookkeeper

If you’re a bookkeeper for one, or many small businesses, you’ll know about the delicate state in which a small business can operate. Small businesses, by virtue of their size, need to be adaptable in order to mitigate the risks that come from being a small operation with limited assets. As a bookkeeper working in this environment, your focus should always be on providing your clients, or employers, with a service that will ensure the business’s financial well-being.


Know your clients


No small business is the same. You’ll encounter different levels of financial competencies and levels of organisation among clients. If you’re building a relationship with a new client, knowing how they expect to grow can help you to anticipate how their bookkeeping needs will change as their business grows. As a bookkeeper for a small business, the experience that you’ve gained across past clients can be invaluable in informing clients of best practice.


Have the right tools


The right technology can produce extraordinary results, when used properly. Laborious tasks can be made more bearable, and can produce better results for you and your clients – Sage One’s software provides a host of invaluable features, from automated record updates, online invoicing, and information consolidation. A cloud-based accounting software solution means that you can access what you need, wherever there is an internet connection, removing the barrier of being locked to a fixed location in order to do your work and consult with your clients.


Take control of time


A well-organised calendar is a sure-fire way to make your life, and your clients easier. Identify the tasks that you have to accomplish, categorise them by how often you are to do them – daily tasks, weekly invoice entry, monthly reconciliation of bank statements, annual tax returns. Successfully dividing your time will get the most out of your productive hours, reduce the stress burden of large, intimidating tasks, and let you keep a cool head.


Using the Sage One Accountants Edition’s calendar with its task-based functionality, will ensure that you can keep on top of your client’s needs at all times, and have access to your time, wherever you may be.


Anticipate, don’t prevaricate


Your proximity to your client’s finances may mean that you notice certain red-flags before your client does – accounts receivable stacking up, cash-flow shortages, spiralling expenses. Set up a system that allows you to identify problems, and address issues before they get out of hand. Whether it’s sending messages following up on past-due invoices, or using an automated reporting system to keep a close eye on the business’s cash flow, anticipation is a virtue.


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