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Why your business’s online reputation is more important than you realise

Why your business’s online reputation is more important than you realise

No matter what you’re selling or offering these days, you’re invisible if you’re not online. Gone are the days of the Yellow Pages – now consumers can access not just a businesses’ details, but their specifications, including user reviews, company profiles and even a glimpse into the business’s character. Consumers are not just happy with gaining a product or service, they want a story too.


If your business is online, chances are your customers will base their choice on not just what your business can provide, but what kind of personality it can convey. Listening to what people are saying online about your brand, whether it’s good or bad, is vital to growing your business.


Online reputation management is one way to listen but it’s first important to understand what it means for your business and brand.


Join the online chatter and listen to what’s being said


You need to ensure you’re kept in the loop about what is being said about your business.


Why? These stats don’t lie:


  • 83% of consumers say online reviews influence their purchasing decisions
  • Only 5% of consumers will convert if they encounter negative reviews on a product
  • 85% of consumers say they will read up to 10 reviews before they can trust that business
  • Word-of-mouth drives 20-50% of consumers before purchase


(Stats by towergateinsurance.co.uk).


These statistics show that companies need to take into account what people are saying about them and act accordingly. It’s not just enough to be the best, you need to be reliable, approachable and helpful to your customers. Online conversation informs many other potential customers’ decisions, so you need to make sure you guide them to you.


Key identifier of influencers


By using an ORM tool, you can see what people are searching for and what they’re saying about it so that you can try to build a marketing strategy for your business. You can identify key influencers who you may want to engage with to draw more attention to your business and, thus, give you a platform above your competitors. This kind of collaboration, coupled with a good campaign, can only boost your business’s visibility and legitimacy.


Uncap your customer base potential


With ORM tools, you can discover customer bases you didn’t even know you had. With data, you can pinpoint where the most chatter and feedback is coming from that applies to you. Now you can identify age groups, genders and interest groups so that you can directly market to those who want to see your business.


Like people, businesses have reputations to uphold if they want to be responded to. ORM has several tools to manage your business that you can explore to find which one is the right fit.


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